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Half Tray Serves 10-12

Full Tray Serves 20-24



Chicken and Vegetable Kebobs

Chimichurri Sauce


Half Tray $75.00 Full Tray $145.00


Italian American Chicken Breast

Choice Of:

Parm - Francese- Picatta or Marsala


Half Tray -$70 Full Tray -$130


Herb Grilled Chicken Breast

Lemon Thyme  Jus


Half Tray- $50 Full Tray - $95 


Stuffed Chicken Breast

Virginia Ham and Gruyere or Feta , Kalamata Olive and Roasted Peppers


Half Tray -$120 Full Tray -$230


Hudson Valley Duck Breast

Lavender and Guava Cabernet

Half Tray- $140 – Full Tray-$270


Buttermilk Fried Country Chicken

Country Spiced and Honey Drizzle


Half Tray -$60 Full Tray- $110


Sliced Boneless Rosemary and Sage Turkey Breast

Cranberry Orange Compote


Half Pan- $55 Full Pan $100


Turkey Meatloaf with Gravy

Half Tray - $ 55.00, Full Tray - $100.00


Coq au Vin

Braised Legs, Thighs and Aromatic Vegetables in Red wine


Half Tray-$80 Full Tray -$150


Chicken Pot Pie

Pulled Braised Chicken, Aromatic vegetables, Bechamel and Truffle, Puff Pastry

Half Tray -$80 Full Tray- $150


Chicken Quesadillas

With Pico de Gallo guacamole and sour cream

Half Tray - $ 80.00, Full Tray - $150.00




Also available fresh:

Rabbit, squab, guinea hen, pheasant, quail

with 1 week notice for fresh import


SAUCES FOR FOWL: Hunters, Champignon Blanc, Brown, Parmesan Cream, Supreme, Tomato, white Wine, red whine, Pesto, Balsamic, Cacciatore red or White, Lemon, Lemon Pepper, Sage Butter, Bechamel, Poultry Gravy, Giblets, Mushroom, Thai Coconut Basil, Teriyaki, Curry Cream, Francese, Curry Pineapple, Tarragon Cream, Oreganata, Picatta, Chimichurri, Bacon Southern white Gravy, Marsala, Sherry and Madeira, Honey jack Daniels

$ 20.00 / qt