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SEAPOINT Edamame Soybeans In Pods Organic 14 Oz

OrganicLow CarbNon GmoVegan
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The edamame soybean has been used by Eastern Asian societies for well over two thousand years now as a valuable and important protein source. The name literally means ‘beans on branches’ due to the way they appear as their pods grow on the branches of a bushy plant.

Health benefits are still being studied and although little to no concrete conclusions have been made about these edamame soybean studies, it is quite clear that there is no harm in recommending it for a heart healthy diet. Like whys, it should be looked at for preventing serious health problems that have become more prevalent in today’s society, especially in the United States where high blood pressure and obesity has become the norm.

One half cup of shelled edamame soybeans, or one cup and an eighth of edamame pods, will increase your daily diet’s fiber, protein vitamin and mineral content, which are all vital to maintaining a healthy body.

Mineral wise, the edamame soybean contains essential amounts of your ideal daily values of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium. As a matter of fact, the 10% daily value of iron found in one half cup of edamame soybeans is equivalent to consuming a quarter pound chicken breast! This is high for any plant food.

As you can see the nutritional benefits of consuming edamame soybeans can be a healthier substitute for other high protein sources like meats, which are overall higher in fat and cholesterol.


Organic Organic Soybeans

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