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ANCIENT HARVEST Quinoa Tri-Color Blend 12 Oz

OrganicGluten FreeKosher
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Harmony tri-color a blend of traditional, red and black whole grain quinoa. Over 30 years ago, we introduced the grain quinoa to the world. Then several years ago, ANCIENT HARVEST launched our red pasankalla variety and called it Inca red quinoa to honor the Inca civilization who first cultivated this amazing grain. Today ANCIENT HARVEST are happy to introduce yet another variety, black quinoa. Because the red and black varieties were almost extinct, their availability is limited, but they're able to offer them along with our traditional white variety in this unique tri-color blend. ANCIENT HARVEST hope you enjoy our new blend.


A Blend Of Organic Whole Grain White, Red, Black Quinoa

UPC: 089125180002