Hudson Greene Market

We are a local gourmet supermarket.

Hudson Greene Market was founded in November 2010.

The key to Hudson Greene Market’s success is convenience. Our market is located in Downtown Jersey City at Exchange Place, just one block from the PATH and Light Rail train stations. However, the idea wasn’t just to open another convenience store. The neighborhood was changing, and the demographic was shifting, so the founders decided it was not enough to open just an ordinary supermarket with a set of typical products.

Healthy groceries

Back in 2010, founders saw upcoming demand for healthy food; even most people didn’t yet realize they needed it. No other businesses were offering and promoting healthy eating everywhere, and the closest Whole Foods location was probably in Manhattan across the Hudson River. So founders decided to fill up our aisles with tons of new, pretty much unknown (at that time) but well-curated list of organic brands: gluten-free, allergen-free, even vegan options and typical conventional products. We saw how well-known food manufacturers followed this trend and transitioned to primarily organic products over time.

Fresh produce, dairy, meat, poultry, and seafood

Fresh produce, dairy, meat, poultry, and seafood are available at Hudson Greene Market. They also come with different attributes such as organic, free-range, pasture-raised, grass-fed, etc., and regular conventional options. We have to keep a close look at these departments regarding product quality. It certainly implies safe food handling protocols, proper sanitation, equipment maintenance, etc., and last but not least – finding the best vendors. We only work with reputable vendors, so all of them are trusted sources of high-quality products.

Since the beginning, we had a rewards program running, which equals 5% savings when shopping for our groceries (a great deal, especially when paired with the cashback offered by most credit card issuers). It’s a no-brainer, and around 90% of our regular customers have rewards account with us.

Deliciously prepared food

Another goal that the founders were pursuing was to make Hudson Greene a local eatery with a wide variety of options. We are based on just 5000 sq. ft. Still, come to Hudson Greene during lunchtime. You will find pretty much everything you want: a hot buffet with up to 15 choices made fresh daily – never the same, a hot soup station, salad bar, sushi bar, deli (opened for breakfast as well), small coffee shop, and bakery with all the essential menu items. Get freshly made and pre-packed salads, sandwiches, juices, desserts, or choose from a wide variety of prepackaged meals when you are in a rush. We even tried to open pizza and taco stations, but that was right before the pandemic so we will give it another shot.

Since opening, we incentivize customers to keep coming back for lunch, offering them a 10% discount for in-store prepared food (online registration is required).

Also, customers can order specific breakfast and lunch items online for pickup later using our new app. That comes in handy when people don’t have much time to wait in line.


We offer extensive catering options:
Simple breakfast/sandwich/cheese/cookie/fruit/veggie/sushi platters
Green and Pasta Salads
Hors d’oeuvres to complex entrees
and more!
Were you thinking of BBQ Beef Ribs with our Molasses recipe, House Smoked Brisket, Crab Cakes Maryland Style, Stuffed Sole in Lobster Sauce, and Duck L’Orange & Vermouth Sauce, or simple Shepperd’s Pie? We got you covered!

Crew, customers, and the neighborhood

Hudson Greene cannot exist without the people running it and supporting it. We hope that throughout these 11 years, we became an important joint in our unique neighborhood and city. Working through the pandemic can be exhausting, but it feels incredible when we realize the importance of what we are doing and the impact we are making: providing our neighbors with great food every day doesn’t matter whether it is a holiday, rain, or snow, providing employees with stable jobs, and adding value to our community.

Seniors get a 10% discount on most of our products with registered accounts; FD/PD/EMT employees on duty get a 10% discount automatically.

We continue to be your friendly neighborhood store, and we hope to see you soon!

Hudson Greene Team

Watcht the video here

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